Selecting A Good Domestic Helper Agency Is Important

Having an established and reputable domestic helper agency solve the headaches involved in searching for the right domestic helper is important.  A good domestic helper agency should provide good service, before, during and after a successful match has been completed.

Do check the agency’s credibility by doing your own research online and finding out how long the domestic helper agency has been established.  You can also check with your friends/relatives if they have used a particular domestic helper agency before and whether they have anything good to say about them.

Most domestic helper agencies would have a replacement guarantee in place when you’ve confirmed a domestic helper with them.  In the event a mis-match has occurred, you should be able to get a replacement domestic helper to replace the existing domestic helper.  Do check with the domestic helper agency on the conditions to be entitled to a replacement domestic helper.

If the intended domestic helper you’ve selected should not be able to join your family for whatever reason, a good domestic helper agency would quickly arrange for a suitable replacement at no extra charge in such instance.  A refund policy should also be in place should you be unhappy with the level of service you’ve received from the domestic helper agency for not taking your urgency to have a domestic helper soon seriously.