It’s My First Time Employing A Domestic Helper, What Should I Do?

As 1st time employer, Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will require you to attend the Employers’ Orientation Programme (EOP) which is a programme that provides employers with information on employing a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW).  It provides employers with a basic understanding of their role and responsibilities as employers.  Guidelines on creating and maintaining a positive and productive working relationship with their FDW will also be shared.

You can take the EOP online by clicking on the EOP Registration link under Useful Links on our homepage.  After registration, you would have to make a payment of $40/- using your credit card or eNETS.  Within 1-2 working days, you should receive an email with instructions on how to complete the EOP online.

Employers must complete the EOP two working days before submitting their FDW’s WP application.  This is because records of EOP attendance will only be conveyed to MOM the day after employers have attended the EOP.  Applications from employers submitted less than two working days after attending the EOP will be rejected.

However, in order to begin your EOP online, you will be required to login using your SingPass, again, this link can be found under Useful Links on our homepage.

Overall, it should take you about less than 2 hours to complete the EOP.  Once completed, do print out the EOP Certificate and present it to your domestic helper agency.

What is this course about?
  • To provide Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) employers with an understanding of their role and responsibilities.

  • To equip participants with basic knowledge and skills to develop and sustain a happy and productive working relationship with their FDWs.

  • To provide a basic understanding of legal issues and guidelines related to employment of FDWs.

Foreign Domestic Worker Employers’ Orientation Programme is an initiative of Ministry of Manpower.  It is offered as an online course, and a lecture-based course.  Participants can choose to attend either one, to obtain the certificate.